Surprise in the end of the day..

Went to watch a handball match this evening. Was nice. At the end of the match, my coach just came and said: "I have a very important job for you Kristina. Tomorrow at 6 in the morning". Yeah I just smiled. Must be a joke. "But no seriously..otherwise we would lose a very important sponsor. We have to go to make an inventory in a supermarket" I did not know whether I should have laughed or cried. I was looking forward to some free time when i can read some gender or finally clean the apartment or maybe to take pics (I havent done for some time and I am starting missing it). At 11.00 Andrey comes anyway and then I am back into "work world" planning a project. At the same time...I know..I play for the team and we have nice clothes and several people can train us and fix things for us, we have good balls and great hall. Yes..ratio says - of course I go and contribute. My lazy side is still a bit like.."what a timing - at 6.00 on saturday in a supermarket, then sunday free (hopefully) and then on monday 5.45 already on bus to Oslo (the same day back as well) - 10 hours in the bus" Hmm..but yes..I will at least learn how it works in shops =)


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