Dante fixed some free day for me. I was supposed to be in Gothebourg friday and saturday but instead of that I got to clean after a throwing up dog on thursday afternoon and night. I could not leave him like that and just travel to Gothenbourg so I stayed at home. By that I won some time I haven´t count on. Nice feeling actually. Since Dante seemed to be fine the next day I went to work after lunch and finished all me "To Do" things from the list. Feels nice.
Today I go to sleep longer in the morning and wake up without alarm clock (I actually do not remember when I did that last time. I guess it was somewhen after I came back from the seminar in Slovakia). Then I went out with Dante and thought about a thing I have to share now. I was thinking about happiness. Recently I have had great time walking Dante. I do not know what exactly happened but each time when we walk outside I feel very happy. I listen to some music, I do not care about rain and mud around and I feel like singing or running or just jumping from time to time. But I don´t do any of those things. I just walk, meet or pass by people, maybe smile at those who comment how cute Dante is and continue my way. Why don´t I sing if I feel for singing? Why don´t I jump a bit? I feel that it would not be socially suitable behaviour. I wonder why it is like that. Why don´t we allow ourselves to express happiness? Why do we have norms for happiness? 

Happiness is sometimes very appreciated. We usually like people who are happy and light hearted. At the same time we look strange at people who are "too" happy and express it. Then we are doubtful or sceptical.Chidlren are untill some point allowed to express their happiness. And then...at some point...we just set limits. Why do we forbid each other to be happy? I don´t think a dancing person on a street would hurt someone.

Postat av: Koko

>Why don´t I jump a bit?

"I wanna scream. I wanna jump for joy, and I want everyone to know!"
© "Jump for Joy" 2Unlimited.

"There is nothin' fair in this world
There is nothin' safe in this world
And there's nothin' sure in this world
And there's nothin' pure in this world"

© "White Wedding" Billy Idol.

And there's not happiness in this world.

Postat av: maik

a powerful blogg!
a great blogg!

2008-02-02 @ 21:41:20
Postat av: Kristina

To Koko: Then I am happy that I am
not living in the same world as you are =)
I know that there are terrible things happening in the world but there are also amazing things going on. Every day! And I have seen happiness (not only my own) so I have to say/sing: ther is happiness in this world.

And I actually do not need everybody to know about my happiness but greetings to 2unlimited =)

2008-02-04 @ 10:54:24

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