Being alive

Inspired by one book I read I would like to ask you a question: When do you feel alive?

I would be very happy for an answer. Anonymous answeres are also welcome =)

Postat av: Jan Tore

Hm. Interesting. i think it's actually when i am very, very calm. For instance sunday afternoon reading a book or just walking in a forest not knowing which direction i should take next (not that i do that very often though). Or sitting outside somewhere talking to someone.
It's not that i don't like it when lot's of things are happening around me, but then i am more focused on doing things, not feeling much. I think.

2007-09-08 @ 17:38:13
Postat av: Vladimir

When do I feel alive?
Well when I'm among other people, no matter if they are friends or just unknown people on the street.
This is due the fact that I'm pretty social person, therefore my real Me comes to the light of hte day when I am in company of other people. No matter if I am talking with them or just walking by them.
This is also the case due to the fact that I don't like being alone.
So if I can be 24/7 with company, than I would feel pretty alive :)))
I don't know if I was clear and precise enough, but that is hod do I feel being alive. (and I know that you Kristina, won't have problem understanding me cause you are psychologist) :)))

Postat av: Mari

I feel alive when:
- being surrounded by people
- being alone and feeling my heartbeats and thinking that this little peace of bloody meat keeps me alive
- when I watch birds flying
- when feeling something, be it happiness, sadness, anger, whatever, but feelings and feeling is part of being alive
- when watching into my cats eyes and trying to guess what does it think

2007-09-09 @ 12:26:40
Postat av: Maja

I read this blogg in the beginning of this day.. and I was thinking about the answer almost during the whole day...
When I am with the people that are very close to me and we are opening our feelings and understanding each other about our view over the things.. our feelings.. our aims...
When I am with Eva... (my dog) and I see the happiness she spreads everywhere she goes..
When I hear/see people discriminating somebody and I can stop or change that..
When people (or I) do something to bring nations closer together.. either on personal either on professional level...
On the end of every Active event...

2007-09-09 @ 22:47:01
Postat av: Katka

Hmmm. Jan Tore shares some of my ideas. I have been feeling alive while doing breath meditation recently. Walking meditation helps too. It is about being aware about the most basic biological processes and activities like breathing and walking, being open to them, appreciating them. Sometimes I think babies and young children must feel like this. Feeling bliss just by sensing that they are alive. Because they are enjoying these activities, playing with them and experimenting. That is perhaps why they are laughing so much and having more fun than adults.
Another reference to children and babies. They can get happy and really (psychologically) "high" just by interacting with a person they like or just being close to them, unconditionally. Recently I had an experience like this with a small boy in a shop. For some reason he was smiling just because he saw me (even when I was not looking at him). I have no idea why. It was a nice meeting for me. This little boy's unfettered happines
made me feel alive and smile even after days.
Yes, and being with my family or thinking of them.
These are just a few things that make me alive.

2007-09-10 @ 12:38:06
Postat av: Malin

I like this question.... and I have been thinking about it all week. I think this question should people often reflect on to be more "living" in their life. I feel alive aspeciellly when am doing things spontaniously. Like last week when I was biking to school and meet some people on the road that I said good morning to. And in the same time when I said it and got the smiling and good morning back then I felt so alive. When I do things before I start to think about if I do that or but think of... when I just do then I feel alive because then I do things that comes from my heart. Allt som motiverar mej att vilja leva gör mej alive. Människor runt omkring, djur, natur, kunskap. När jag känner frihet är jag levande, när jag får fatta mina egna beslut. När jag ser det lilla positiva här i livet. " kan man vara glad åt lite, har man mycket att vara glad åt". Musik, sång o dans är stora intressen i mitt liv. Liv är rörelse. Liv är sprudlande. Viktigast av allt är dom stunderna när jag skrattar så jag nästan tappar andan då känner jag mej verkligen levande. Skratt kan göra undervärk när den får komma ut i sin rätta miljö.

2007-09-17 @ 00:13:25
Postat av: Anonymous answerer

Never. Some years ago felt, now not. Even when I listen to "Fragma's" "You are Alive" and Damae is singing, "On your own and though you feel alone, you are alive, don't you know it's just another day?". I answer her, "No".
Comments of 'Koko'. Sorry, it was just a joke. Maybe not a very clever. Why you did not write, "Koko, you are crazy!"? You thought that Koko could go to 'ombudsmannen mot diskriminering på grund av sexuell läggning'? Although who knows, Koko is a unpredictable guy :-)

2007-10-01 @ 19:58:04

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