To boycott or not to boycott

I am watching a discussion about Whether the top athletes should boycott Olympic games in Being.
One of the arguments against is that OG is the highlight of all the athletes´life and also that it does not help if few people boycott.

I think if I was a top athlete I would be proud to boycott it. And I am sure there are several people thinking the same way so a simple move of a butterfly´s wing could cause a wind. Should Sweden boycott (was the question)? Sweden is not a desert island. The athletes are united in different associations and everybody knows about each others actions. In this case should be simple to "pull" several of the others if one decides to do smth. One country would follow the example of another.´on is the most observed parts of social life - media would not let a boycot unnoticed. And thus many many people who do not even think about situation in China would at least stop and question why their favourite athlete does not take part. 

When it comes to the fact that they train so so much and OS is the time where they can achieve smth, when they can harvest.. For me it would be enough to know that I am so good that I can boycott. And I can make at least someone think about the situation of the country. So I guess I know where I stand in this question.


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