Temperance organisations..you´ve got damn lot to do!!!!

I just came from handball training. Everything went pretty OK untill the last talk with the trainer before we went home. There are several matches on the schedule so of course there were discussions when and where to meet, who will play etc. And then the girls started talking about getting drunk before the match. All of them enthusiastic about it. All of a sudden those "weaker" ones are also interesting (there are huge huge relation gaps between the "stars" and those who maybe do not impress by their performance that much). That´s the way how they can get involved. Drinking alcohol! The day afterwards they will have fun how and who was drunken (here is my experience from the previous day talking). Then the "alcohol" connection fades away during the week - there are again those who can play handball and those who are weaker and huge gap between them and in the end of the week the new plans and new "friendships" are formed.
My coach, after I told him I would be away for the match so i could not play, knowing that I work for a temperance organisation and I do not drink, told me: "Then u have to come at least and get drunk"
It was such a statement that I lost my words. I just said: "No I do not really need that"
The other "co-trainer" just smiled and said: "It is not your thing, ha?"
"No not really" came my answer. I actually do not know how much of the conversation the girls perceived because they were into criticizing some other personn (who was not present at all).

I do not mind at all that I was involved in such a talk. What I mind is that such a talk can actually appear in sport and that a coach supports it. Those girls are 17 - 22 years old and they do not know that alcohol and sport do not really go together. I know I know atheletes drink as well etc but BEFORE the match?????? It is dangerous. For the players who drink, for their team mates and for the opponents. And a coach working with youth should know that and prevent it.

There is so much to do in this field.  As it is said: the best prevention is: high prices, low exposure of alcohol and difficult accessibility. And it is very nice to work on that and make alcohol disappear from the scene. I support it 100% BUT still...people need to know why. And people need to know how to live without it. But by supporting 17 years old to drink - the high prices won´t help. The leaders have to take responsiblity here!!!   

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2007-10-12 @ 15:42:51

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