Smoking while!

While walking Dante in a park I saw three people biking out of whom two were smoking at the same time. Smoking and biking somehow do not match at all in my way of thinking because:

- one bikes because it is healthier than to go by car
- one bikes because it is cheaper than to go by car
- one bikes because it is more environmental than to go by car


- smoking is not healthy at all
- smoking is expensive
- production of cigarettes and smoking itself are not environmental at all (just think of all rainforest burnt down to have more space for tobacco plantages and that´s just one example not talking about tobacco factories and exhalates)

Postat av: maik

besides the facts that you raised, I think that smoking on a bike (or in a car) is also dangerous for other participants in traffic;
on saturday I went to watch a football match of my old club; one guy was substituted and only shortly after he was standing outside, smoking;
He, like the biker smoking, don't realize how dependant they are already.

2007-10-01 @ 10:19:54
Postat av: Sigmundkathrine

Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like your site!

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