Populism vs. thinking

I do not believe our prime minister has any political thinking.
- Leading socialistic party ("Smer"), created coalition with extreme right party that is led by a guy having VERY BAD name in Europe
- "Smer" got excluded from the Party of European socialists (PES) for cooperation with the party supporting discrimination and ethnic prejudice
- today (4th of October) is the day where a decision about the party´s membership in PES should be taken

- our prime minister had a "nice" speech about Hungarian president - sending him out of Slovakia (using sharp words) just yesterday

Maybe a test of "Which party suits me the best" kind did not really work when he took it.
I suggest to reconsider his choice.

Postat av: Noaveronica

Great Job!Been putting down Torginol for 20 years,Nice to see a sight that i can relate too.

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