Full days...

How did my last week look like:
Friday - Work and Copenhagen in the evening
Saturday - Sunday: Faroe Islands (arrival home after midnight on sunday)
Monday - working from home (originally planned to have a free day after working during weekend but but..some applications had to be written), handball training, walking Dante with Andreas for more than 1.5 hour
Tuesday - work, running to the training, training, msn meeting with UNF (2 hours), walking with Dante very late
Wednesday - work untll 20.00, walking Dante and Andreas for more than 1,5 hour again (having phone call from a friend at the same time)
Thursday - work, watching Capoeira for some minutes, coming home...

...now I should improve my applications but I think I will rest reading Harry Potter (it´s getting exciting) and then training and Dante (and it is raining...). I hope I will be fresh enough to go back to the applications then.



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