Faroe Islands

So my weekend I spent there. I wrote I was going to a rainy weather but actually only first welcome was very rainy but the rest of the day and the next day was sunny and just beautiful. For a moment also very very windy but it was actually fun. The wind was so strong that it was pulling the corners of my mouth making me smile =) Seriously. And it was fun to walk against it in 60 degrees angle =)

I felt like at home in Torshamn. This was my third visit and I knew where the places were. Where to go to eat and where to find what. Also people we met are now like old friends =) I like it there. In the end I think I will volunteer to go to Faroe Islands as a volunteer =)

I will come back again. It is the best place to go when one wants to find peace. The hills covered by soft grass are just like covered by a veil. Everything is calm and cosy.  And magic! And far not that cut from the civilization as people think. There is University, there are schools, shops, concerts, industry. Just so u know =)

Moreover I had a great company to travel with. Stina was just fun =)
I have a very nice work and very nice collegues!

Postat av: Koko

This place looks amazing. Great photos. I want to spend my week-end there too :-)

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