Instead of Afro dance and volleyball I am sitting here with bad cold, surrounded by handkerchiefs and warm tea. I got into this stage from one minute to another. Very strange. And I wonder whether it is me being very solidaric with Åsa who had smth similar in the weekend or it is my body saying stop after one month of working without free weekends and days off. I guess the latter one.
So now I can´t wait till the administrative grant is written (only few things left to add) and then ooooooff I go from my working life. So thursday and friday - no internet and no mobile phone. Just me with myself and Dante.

Postat av: Jan Tore

Take care and relax! You have a job you like but that is also a potensial danger if you don´t say no sometimes. Even a job you like is a job. We alle need to relax between the shores. So good that you take a couple of days off!

2007-10-30 @ 21:20:57
Postat av: Maja

It sounds sooo familiar... I know this is not your first time.. so please take care...
Miss u..

2007-10-30 @ 22:39:29
Postat av: Vladimir

Aaargh... Same over here. :(((

I'm sitting at home with fever, an outside has been raining for two days. I feel aughful.

Postat av: Kristina

To Maja:
Do not worry Maja.. as I wrote in several blogs before. This year is very different from the other years. I found structure from the beginning. I am not stressed before deadlines and I am on time. And I also take days off when I see it is needed or when I see a gap when I can take them. For example thursday and friday.
And about having cold - I blame some virus since Vlado got it too =)

But nice that u care =)

2007-10-31 @ 14:12:32
Postat av: Maja

...nicer that you have structure and you are never stressed! =)

I am finishing things on time here also.. but you can cut the stress and preasure with a knife in Skopje! Ah ah... But I am at least trying to relax.. (I should try harder..) =)


2007-10-31 @ 17:48:21
Postat av: Tomkaroline

This is a very interesting website, I have added it in my favourites. Keep up the good work.

2008-09-18 @ 12:08:48

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