Today is a new day

Yesterday was a strange day to me. When I came home from work I was pretty tired and hungry. But then a friend called and then another friend called just like that =) I was still tired after phonecalls (21.30) but someone had to go out with Dante. And since there was nobody else than me around - it was my turn (again). And the walk was nice. Refreshing. And I had some ideas for field trip in Slovakia. After I came home I was so fresh that i started painting. It is not a masterpiece I can say but still..I felt good doing it and I guess that´s most important. So I went to bed with "peace in my soul".
Today is a new day and so far very nice! After work I need to run to town to buy some presents and then to two meetings wtth friends. And then I will just pack, paint a bit more and tomorrow off I go! Or..not really off. Just to Slovakia to talk a bit about alcohol with students and meet NOM.

Postat av: Geirlouise

Very cool site. I like the floating effect. Good programming on the Guestbook too.

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