IOGT International rocks my world

Another meeting is over. I am very motiveted again =) Before going to Copenhagen I was working more than a month without day off and I could not imagine how I would survive the coming seminar and then the IOGT board meeting. But already the first evening of the seminar just recharged me. Arriving to Oslo I felt totally fresh. Had enough energy to go to Emil´s birthday party, to meet some nice people I have not seen for a long time, to play table football (air foortball) and to have the meeting the next day.
The agenda for the meeting was really full this time and I think we are getting better and better having more discussions and contributions. It takes some time to get into the things - WHO there, Eurocare here, GAPA, APAPA, etc etc etc. The names are familiar, one sees more and more connections, I can´t wait to another meeting =)
We also got green light for 25+ which I can now officially present =) Visit and you will see =)
While travelling by bus back to Örebro (5 hours) I was still so motivated that I had difficulties to sleep or do smth else than thinking about the things we were discussing. Then I opened a book I just got at the meeting "Världens baksmälla" from Pierre Andersson ("World´s hangover") and read it all at the bus. Great book! Great overview! Great arguments!
Am gonna use it for sure in my field trip in Slovakia and of course in general too .
Now I should sleep but still can´t. Body is tired from 5 hours sitting on the bus but head is totally fresh. 

PS. Have I mentioned that I started Afro Power Dance? =)

Postat av: Martin

åh, den boken är ett riktigt mästeverk :)

2007-11-27 @ 15:33:53

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