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Sitting at the airport. Due to some problems I wait for the next fly so catching up on emails I have not seen since wednseday morning and thinking... I´ve just left a great great event - NORDGU seminar in Köpenhamn. In my eyes it was a great success. We got participants from Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Some of the countries haven´t participated in such event for years. So I am very proud of us that we managed to get them to the seminar AND to prepare a "nice, inspiring and fruitful" (as they said) time for them. And now I am heading to Oslo to IOGT International AC meeting. The realization that I am going to meet a group with the same goals as the group at the seminar but of a totally different age is really exciting. It is great to experience "both" worlds - to have clue what is happening and not to sit only at the table in the office and do some work from there.

So I have to set my mind from games and jumping around on IOGT Int. documents and reports. I like both!!!! =)

Greetings from Copenhagen =)

Postat av: Jan Tore

That´s good to hear. Looking forward to the report from the seminar. You´re doing a good job.

And yes - living in several world is one of the fun parts working in this movement :). Some of my favorite moments are when i met 80+-people in local branches who still are thinking like they were 20, but have 60 years of experience to add to that.
Makes me a bit less stereotyping on age also.

(I meet also some who think like they are 80 and havn´t learnt anything, but that is another story :))

2007-11-17 @ 18:33:57
Postat av: Alanaida

I have surfed to your site accidentally and can not break away from it. It is really great!

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